Inspections & Certification

The final stage of the residential engineering process involves inspections of construction and structural certification. In order to certify the construction of the structural elements of your project and provide a Form 16, quality control inspections are carried out through the construction stage. Our engineers inspect the project to ensure footings, piers and slabs have been prepared to the required specification. We also provide inspections for retaining walls and framing inspections.

Inspections of construction are carried out throughout the building process and typically are performed at the following stages to enable us to provide the required certification:

Footings – Site conditions are verified, footing sizes and reinforcement are inspected prior to the concrete pour
Slabs – All slab reinforcement is inspected prior to the concrete pour
Masonry Retaining Walls – Footings are inspected as per above. Wall reinforcement is inspected prior to the core fill.
Frame – Framing inspections must be carried out prior to cladding, finishing and linings having been completed. All framing sizes, bracing and tie-down requirements are checked against the engineering drawings.

Our engineers are available Monday to Friday (9.00am to 4.00pm) to carry out inspections. To obtain a quote or to arrange an inspection of your Morgan Consulting Engineers project – contact our office on 07 3369 8411. Please ensure enough notice is given for inspections to avoid disappointment.

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