Footing & Slab Design

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Footing & Slab Design
Morgan Consulting Engineers prides itself on its talented Housing team who can provide a large range of residential engineering services. Our clients include exclusive builders, project builders, architects, owner builders and home owners.

A full range of our services include:

  • Slab on Ground designs
  • Conventional and waffle raft slab designs
  • Suspended concrete slabs
  • Retaining walls – timber, concrete sleeper, masonry, boulder
  • Build over sewer requirements.
  • Driveway and path designs

We design footings and slabs to suit a wide range of projects varying in design, size and additional requirements. Our soil technician can determine the soil type at a great rate and we can also base our designs off your pre-existing soil test. Whatever the project, we’re happy to help.

We work on brand new homes and have extensive experience in home renovations. Should you require the addition of a room or floor or even the removal of walls, our experienced team can provide designs to suit your needs. We work well with architects and designers and provide a cost effective, experienced and friendly engineering service for all our clients.

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