Structural & Civil Assessment Reports

Morgan Consulting Engineers provides investigative and forensic engineering services for insurers, property managers, risk managers, builders and homeowners. Whether a specific fault has occurred or you require an overall assessment of a property’s integrity, we are here to help.

Morgan Consulting Engineer’s Forensic Division’s senior engineers have vast experience in a range of engineering disciplines. This experience allows us to quickly and accurately determine the extent and cause of damage in Civil, Structural and Residential Engineering fields, ensuring a timely response and exceptional advice.

Our forensic investigations typically involve one or more of the following:

    • An inspection of the site and/or structure.
    • Photographic record.
    • A level survey to identify the magnitude of movement or settlement.
    • A review of any existing documentation, including geotechnical information, drawings, council infrastructure searches, previous reports, etc.
    • An analysis of the inspected or documented elements to determine structural integrity and/or suitability for purpose.
    • A professional report, which outlines the observations, provides clear and concise interpretation of the site observations and/or documentation review and provides conclusions with respect to the structural integrity of the building and the cause of damage. If remedial works are required, these are detailed in this report.

We also provide a design service to our clients which can involve the design of detailed rectification works such as underpinning, repair of spalled and damaged concrete (“concrete cancer”), or of virtually any structure or building element.

We take a practical approach to all civil and structural engineering problems, and we understand that not all damage is the result of inadequate structural performance. Our understanding of the behaviour and characteristics of all building materials allows us to give you the right advice, every time.

Have you noticed a crack in a wall or slab? Is there deterioration of the concrete, steel, timber or other materials? Do you have water ingress problems? Are you affected by stormwater runoff? If you are unsure about your property, whether it is a commercial building, your home, a retaining wall, sign, carpark or any other structure – please contact our office for a quote today.

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