Pre-Purchase Structural Assessments

Are you buying or selling a house that has signs of movement, cracking or other structural defects?

Whether you are buying or selling, any structural defect can affect the sale and can result in emotional distress, reduced sale price, or ongoing problems.

Many homes exhibit signs of structural distress that traditional Building Inspectors are unable to determine whether these are a problem for the future owner. In many cases, apparent structural distress is not significant and a simple inspection by an experienced engineer can put the purchaser’s mind at ease.

An engineering investigation can not replace a Building Inspection, but is a useful addition in situations where potential problems are identified. Our experienced engineers can also recommend repairs to return your property to its original condition.

Morgan Consulting Engineers Forensic Division has over 30 years experience in the investigation of defects in residential construction. This means that we can help you when buying or selling a house with “problems”.

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